1976 - SAF begins in Canada as SAFtronics, manufacturing in Guelph, ON., offers SAFtronics SR6 Starters, 1Ø and 3Ø DC Drives, DC6 and DC12 Drives
1981 - SAFtronics moves to Stratford, ON
1987 - SAF acquired by Sutherland-Schultz, changes name to SAF Drive Systems
1988 - SAF develops Mach 320 Drive for electronic line shaft application
1990 - SAF moves to Kitchener, ON, develops SAFphire high speed controller
1990 - SAF develops DD312 Digital Microprocessor Drive for use with SAFphire
1991 - SAF introduces SS6 Opal series
1992 - SAF splits from Sutherland-Schultz
1995 - SAF implements DD312 and SAFphire in Hot Strip Mill modernization
1997 - SAF completes first double-width Newspaper press conversion using SAFphire
2001 - SAF launches MS6 Microprocessor-based OPAL series
2002 - SAF Drives joins Brock Solutions family of companies
2003 - SAF designs OEM-SAFphire for Reel Tension Pasters for newspaper presses
2007 - SAF enhances SAFphire II, improves processing and communications capabilities
2010 - SAF splits from Brock, becomes privately owned enterprise 
2011 - SAF Drives Inc. moves to expanded manufacturing facility in New Hamburg, ON
2013 - SAF strengthens systems capabilities partnering with EDG - Electronic Design Group Inc.